Every life counts- together let’s make the world a peaceful place for animals

For us it may be a matter of just a few mins, but for them it can mean a lifetime!

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4 min readNov 8, 2021
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What makes a king a king? Is it that he is high and mighty or because he is rich and powerful? No, it is the duty and responsibility of a king to provide and care for his people and for those who are below him. Similarly, it is the responsibility of a family to protect and provide for all its members.

Humans in this world are made superior with speech and wisdom but that does not make them the owner of the world. Rather it makes them responsible to care and nourish those below him. All along man and animals have co-existed in harmony. Initially humans looked down on animals just for food, and then their competence was acknowledged and they were used for hunting and protection and it was not unsurprisingly long before both became companions.

Now millions of people own these animals as pets namely dogs and cats, however, some people also tend to go on a next level and own exotic animals, lions and whatnot.

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Now why is that?

The world now has evolved and progressed a lot in almost every field. But alas this has also given birth to many problems like depression, stress and loneliness. People consider it embarrassing to share their burdens and problems with others and are in a dire need of a companion.

Pets are the only companions that will protect, nourish and not judge you. They are the solution to a lot of our problems.

If you are lonely and need a companion then adopt a pet.

If you are depressed and need a free therapist then adopt a pet.

If you are an introvert and need a friend then adopt a pet.

If you feel like throwing a huge tantrum and want someone to listen to you and your rants and outbursts then adopt a pet. A pet will patiently listen to all your problems without judging you. If it’s a dog it will probably give you a free lick on the face and if it’s a cat then… well it’s cute.

A lot of problems can be solved like this but alas instead of becoming companions the humans look down upon the animals. They are mistreated, starved and are victims to gore and disease.

The harshness of the world wear down their spirits and they are pelted with stones till their flesh is torn and raw; their soft fur scaled and scraped and their once bright eyes glossy with wells of unshed tears.

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Do you think just because they are inferior and cannot fight back they deserve to be treated like that? Animals may be born without speech and astuteness but they beat man in one thing: Their undying loyalty and compassion towards its master.

Even if their master kicks and curse at them they will still accompany him through thick and thin.

Just because animals are not as mighty as humans they still are not some toy or object that one can be used and discarded at will. Animals are creatures bearing a heart and harboring countless feeling. They do feel pain and anguish even if they are unable to much express it.

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However, if you love animals and pets then feed them, nourish them and house them. It is like the whole world to them and despite their being billions in this world the most important person there for them is you. A sign of affection like a small pet or scratch on the head may seem like simple act or feeding them with food even if it is nothing but simple scraps and leftovers means a lot. It may seem insignificant second for you but it is like a lifetime of showering love and affection for them.

Do not abandon animals, love them.

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Harmony Ark foundation understands the importance and rights of these animals and is always there to house forsaken and needy animals. We have always deemed it our utmost responsibility to be there for the animals whether they are diseased, lonely, stray or homeless. It is the responsibility of us humans to care for the weak and oppressed thus for this purpose we are trying our best to care and shelter those animals who are hopeless and long for love and care. It is the time where all of us must come together and be in harmony in order to protect the needy animals. For this purpose help this foundation to care for these animals and to help them find a new home.

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