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An ode to the Animals around the World!

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5 min readApr 1, 2022
Harmony Ark Metaverse

Have you noticed the increasing number of animals raking trash bins for food? These animals are either dumped by people who no longer want them, have to leave the country, those who fail to find another family to take care of them or the offspring of such animals. Pet dumping has become an all too common phenomenon where those who bought these animals for mere entertainment purposes or as gifts for a child simply decide to leave the animal to their own devices. Once on the streets, these animals die from traffic accidents, food and water deprivation or some disease.

The problem has been fueled by an ever growing pet trade where disowned animals, often those of exotic breeds, are picked and sold and then dumped again. This vicious cycle of apathy does nothing but to feed the hunger of profit hungry pet traders who have the animal’s welfare as the last thing on their minds.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

As an organization focused on animal welfare, the Harmony Ark Foundation (HAF) is dedicated to make this world a better place for these abused, and deprived four legged creatures. HAF is a completely not for profit organization that carries out animal rescue missions, provides these animals with care, medication and food, and also raises awareness on animal issues. All members of HAF work on a purely volunteer basis with zero number of paid officers so that they can channel all the donations towards creating animal sanctuaries.

As a network of compassionate volunteers who have a passion for all kinds of animals — whether they be stray cats and dogs, wild ones, aquatic animals or farm animals — and maintaining their welfare, HAF engages in rap-Neuter-Return of feral cats, animal adoptions, low cost spay-neuter programs and numerous animal concerns campaigns.

Animals who are rescued are often found in dire conditions. Many of them fall prey to an all-too-common cycle of pregnancy, birth and disease, while others suffer from a battery of diseases ranging from skin, and respiratory diseases to impairments from traffic accidents. Others, yet, are victims of extreme negligence and human abuse where they are shot, mutilated or poisoned among many other things. Thus, the funds needed to rescue, medicate, vaccinate, and provide a warm shelter for these animals amounts to quite a lot. For this purpose, HAF now has a Harmony Ark Petsverse, where we will sell NFTs to generate funds and donations for these furry friends.

One of the breed of dogs that particularly took our heart were the Pugs. Although affectionate, they are a flat-faced breed that tends to have the most health problems due to their physical conformation i.e., the way they look. These dogs have been bred over many years to look a certain way which makes them very vulnerable to health and welfare issues such as respiratory, eye and skin problems. Thus, for our Petsverse, we chose to dedicate our top NFT to pugs.

Photo taken by Adult Mahogany French Mastiff on Pexels

The story of the HAF metaverse begins with La Puerca, a pug who has come to earth to give love and save her civilization in the CryptoPug World where the Pug civilians are confronted with a problem and need our help. As a gift, La Puerca arrives on earth bearing 100 unique and different personalities that will become NFTs that shall bring you happiness in return of a few coins to help all animals around the world.

Each one of these unique personalities will come with its own set of unique accessories. Those who own these personalities can reap the most royalties in the total project! However, to get your hands on one of these personalities, you will have to be quick since they are limited and will be released in presale, starting on “coming soon.” Additionally, the 101st personality is going to be ‘Sassy La Puerca,’ the rarest of them all. The one that’s lucky enough to bag her will get an extra percentage when the staking functionality starts working. Once she’s bagged, she will then unleash a series of crazy personalities across different races.

Once La Puerca has successfully raised enough energy & love from her different human friends, she will then go back to her CryptoPug World and spread all the good news throughout her planet. All the pugs there, will go insane and be excited to visit the place where La Puerca got so much love. Earth will go crazy with the visit of so many pugs licking all over the place! But not as many as you would’ve like; only 1200 of them will arrive with a lot of craziness and bulging eyes. Be ready!

Once the minting ends, 4 weeks after, different kinds of cats and dogs will take over the Petsverse with a thousand unique pieces of each race, and breeding on. This tribe isn’t just for pugs but also for many other breeds and different kinds of animals such as Pitbulls, Vizlas, Boston Terries, German Shepherds, Huskys, Beagles, cats and birds.

Hence, being a part of the HAF metaverse community will give you a chance to become part of this wonderful journey of animal welfare. Even if you can’t physically provide shelter to an animal in need, you can still play your part for these canine and feline friends by investing with the Harmony Ark Foundation and while doing so, you will also have an opportunity to earn. Here’s your chance to become a social entrepreneur, so seize it and say hello to change!

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Harmony: Ark Foundation is an all volunteer organization. The organization has no paid officers and uses all donations towards animal and environmental programs