Let’s meet Mafiu!

A Dog rescue story that will melt your heart.

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4 min readOct 20, 2021
A photo of Mafiu smiling at the camera

We received a call for help about a dog in very bad condition. He was abandoned by his human family, and was living on a street. He hardly ate anything; people threw stones and water at him whenever he asked for food.

“If we don’t do something for him, he will die soon”, they told us.

Faced with such concern we went to a small town nearby, and there we found Mafiu. A little boy that looked like stone, his entire body covered in scales, his physique skinny, and his body extremely light. His eyes were semi-closed because they were covered with scales that did not allow him to open or close them.

Mafiu’s condition when he was rescued

We carried him in our arms to get him into the vehicle since he did not have the strength to climb by himself.

Mafiu’s frail legs

We took him that night to the lodge with our Arker Julio. He drank water for the first time in a long time. We let him eat and drink as much as he wanted. Then he slept in a safe place, also for the first time in a long time.

Then he was taken to a vet with the veterinarian Manuel Peña. Mafiu weighed about 20 kg. The Husky breed should weigh at least 30 kg for the age of Mafiu that was defined as about one and a half years. Moreover, Mafiu was found to have scabies. He had a lot of bacteria on his tummy.

Mafiu’s poor health and body condition when rescued

The vet dewormed him, administered bravecto and gave him an injection suitable for his skin. We had to come back in two weeks for a check-up and another dose was appropriate to continue the treatment. Fortunately, he tested negative for ehrlic, anaplasma, and leishmaniasis. The vet recommended us to give him anti-allergic foods such as salmon and lamb.

Within a few weeks, Mafiu started recovering. After pulling out the scabies scales, his skin started improving, and he grew new hair. His eyes became more beautiful; one darker than the other. He gained weight and became cleaner, healthier, and happier with every passing day.

Mafiu’s skin condition after recovering
Mafiu’s legs look a lot healthy now
Mafiu’s beautiful eyes

Now, he smiles at us with all the love and affection. He’s glad we’re going to see him every day and we’re going to bring him his favorite food, the salmon. Now he goes out and plays with his new friends. He always wins the ball while playing. And look how cutely he poses for the photo.

Mafiu smilling for the photo

Soon, Mafiu will be travelling to a city in the United States to be adopted by a family. He is ready to have a human family; to give them all his love and loyalty in return for just a little love and affection.

The happy Mafiu!

We are happy for Mafiu, as he will be happy with his new family!!

We’re really thankful to our team at Harmony Ark Foundation for putting all their heart and efforts in rescuing and finding a new home for all the lonely souls out there.

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