Pups Vs Felines Debate

An argument as old as time!!

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4 min readJan 26, 2022
Photo by Anusha Barwa on Unsplash

The cat versus dog debate is a classical legend. Both the animals are four-legged mammals that might sound similar to each other but in reality, are quite the opposite. A dog is thought to be a ferocious non-friendly animal that can guard you very well and cat is the best buddy that loves its owner. Well, that’s the thought of people who haven’t had first-hand experience with the CATTITUDE. If you’ve never owned a dog or a cat and hope to adopt one, I give you my version of vis a vis.

Call me opinionated but dogs are generally taken as a balloon full of emotion, while cats are taken as a hollow shell of fur that either eats or sleeps; Dog is a man’s best friend while cat is man’s weird reclusive roommate who act as a cushion for their sofa.

When a person takes care of his dog, the dog appreciates the human’s efforts and in its mind is like “Wow this person takes really good care of me, they must be God”, while cats are quite the contrary they’re like “this person takes good care of me, I must be God”.

Owning a dog is like having a best friend. It’s always there to lift you up, while cat acts like they’re the Lords who own the place and have you in it as their caretakers. Most cats love to play “hard to get” while the dogs are all about “I love you too”. Cats need not the approval of our appreciation that we humans give unconditionally to our pets, while dogs live off on the affection they receive from us. Dogs can be trained easily and come quite handy in emergency while in an emergency, a cat with all of its strength will get up and just leave you to it.

Photo by Louis-Philippe Poitras on Unsplash

Dogs are pack animals and therefore see their owners as their pack leaders and so they just do their best to please their human as much as they can. There’s this infamous quote that goes around saying that:

Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.

Cats might look like gold-diggers and blindly follow any person who holds the food bowl, but deep down they too appreciate and look up to their owners. They just have a different way of expressing their love. One might wake up to find a dead rat next to their pillow as a gift from their cat. Or a cat might gently dip her toe into your tea just to check if it’s at a drinkable temperature. So yes, a cat reciprocates your love for them they just express it in a different manner.

Biggest plus point of having a cat as a pet is that cats are low maintenance, taking responsibility for a dog entails you to spending cash on dog food, dog shampoos, vaccines, schedule vet check-up, and don’t forget doggie treats. Cats are also pest free, so if one is busy or a couch potato then they will choose cats as a companion in a heartbeat. Cats take the responsibility of keeping themselves clean, you might even notice they are licking themselves all the time. So that saves a lazy person from having to take out time to perform the somewhat painstaking task of washing and grooming the cat.

Photo by Andrew S on Unsplash

While some view a cat’s independence as a bonus, others see it as aloofness or selfishness. Closing the debate regarding which is better a cat or dog it just depends on one’s personal preference. In my book if you value your alone time and don’t leave the house much then you should own a cat, but if you value fun time out of the house and are all about fitness then owning a dog will complement your healthy life. Or if you have the patience and energy then you can always have both a cat and a dog, make cat-dog videos share it on the internet and become famous!

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