Tale of Hannah & Adam

A story of companionship, love, and devotion!

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4 min readDec 14, 2021

One fine Sunday Morning, I decided to head out to the Sea for surfing. I was walking along the shore when I noticed a dog barking at the waves, the bark followed by a soft wine and growl as if he’s afraid. I looked over at the sea, then at the beach, but nobody was there.

Dog Barking at the waves

I went on to surf, with the hopes that the owner is probably surfing as well and he/she will return and tend to his/her dog. After a while, when I returned I found him still in front of the waves, this time barking heavily and jumping at the waves. He was barking non-stop, I could feel the anguish and fret in his voice. I worried seeing him battle with the waves, not ready to give up anytime soon. He was very much wet by that time. It terrified me to see him like this. It made we wonder that maybe he accompanied a surfer, who no longer came out of the waves or maybe someone abandoned him. Perhaps it was the reason for his apparent despair.

Lost in the thought of it all, at some point I no longer heard the dog bark again or saw him in front of the waves. I walked along the waves and it wasn’t there anymore. I wondered what happened to him. Could it be that the sea took him with the waves? Or he just decided to run somewhere else to find his human? After some time I was relieved to see that the dog was running along a surfer that just came out of the sea. The dog was now very happy as he walked beside his human, matching his pace and wagging his tail in delight.

“Money can buy you a fine dog but only love can make him wag his tail” — Kinky Freedman

Dog with his human friend

I approached the surfer to ask him if it was his dog? He replied, yes, she’s my girl.. her name was Hannah, it is written and read as much from left to right as from right to left.

Hannah and Adam

On asking more about her I got to know that she wasn’t an ordinary girl. She was rescued from a place where they had her in a cage for 23 hours a day. Adam took her home and gave her the love and attention she needed. They’ve been together for 10 years. That explains why Hannah was desperately barking at the waves, because that’s where her savior was. She was desperately waiting for Adam while he was in the sea.

Hannah looking with love towards Adam

That’s how dogs are, they’re a man’s loyal friend. Renowned for companionship, once you’ve gained their trust they will always be standing strong next to you through thick or thin. While dogs are devoted to their owners they very much thrive off of attention and affection, hence this is how a relationship is developed when two entities are there for each other. This is how sweet the relationship I found between Hannah and Adam, while Adam provided the warmth of a home to Hannah, Hannah showered him with love, loyalty and devotion.

“Sometimes the best medicine is a dog who thinks his love can cure you”

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